myLearners VicRoads
FROM VIC ROADS – 27th April 2022

VicRoads is getting ready to introduce two-step verification on all myVicRoads accounts which will affect your use of the myLearners app. Initially two-step verification will be an opt-in feature for myVicRoads account holders except for those enrolled in Hazard Perception Test Online.

To prepare for two-step verification, they’ve released a new version of the myLearners app. You will need to download the new version, and log in again.

For most of you, the new version will auto-update and you’ll simply need to log in the next time you open the app. However, if you have auto-updates disabled, you’ll see a message requiring you to download the new version and log in again.

The old myLearners app won’t work in about a week’s time.

What is two-step verification, and can I continue using myLearners if I haven’t activated it?

Two-step verification is a feature which increases the security of your personal data by requiring you to input a 6-digit code in addition to your email address and password when logging into your myVicRoads account. Your 6-digit authentication code is sent to you by SMS or an authenticator app.

We recommend that you activate two-step verification, however you can continue using myLearners without it. Your myVicRoads and myLearners accounts are linked though, so if you activate it for one, you’re enabling it for both.

To find out more about two-step verification, keep an eye on the VicRoads website in the coming days.